The year is  1993. The elements of Hip Hop are conquering; reaching heights never dreamed of.  insert Jon “DJ JB-One” Lett into the culture; in a similar way to the nostalgic cassette mixtape being slid into a Boombox with the dinner plate sized speakers.  Two turn tables and a mic are essential and he  would purchase his first set at 17; wasting no time in mastering them. With gaining praise, he would become a staple associated with notable events.
By 2008 Hip Hop is epitomizing financial gains. Jb would begin a career as a touring DJ providing stage soundtracks to musical giants such as Lil Wayne, T.I., Bustah Rhymes and other artists. His interest would expand to becoming a music producer. History would evidence that a Dj turned producer has the potential to sonically elevate the culture (e.g. Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, J.Dilla).  His accomplice; the famous mpc 2000 workstation  known as  the Hip Hop industry standard.
In 2012, he realized it would take more than his efforts to reach higher. So he established a studio with lifetime friend, ”Gooba G”. Together they opened a music studio in a commercial space behind the historic arcade mall in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Over a 10 year period, Jb would move around to establish and assist in many studios in his hometown. Looking back on his efforts from creating music to organizing in The Alley and building studios kept Jb out of trouble and far from harm. To Jb, every adversity taught a lesson and after every struggle came ease. This is the inspiration for what would come next.
The year is now 2019 and Hip Hop has changed. The access and utilization of the culture is enormous. Hip Hop can be found everywhere and in everything. Hip Hop is still very entertaining but dangerous and violent themes begin coursing through the culture and pointed as a cause of devastating effects to societies’ youth. Jb has witnessed the aftermath of these effects that have torn families apart. He felt charged to find a way to heal his community.
Jb’s decides to harness the passion and love his community has for Hip Hop Culture. So Jb started Hip Hop 1001, a fundamental  learning program exposing youth to the 5 major elements of Hip Hop in unparalleled ways. This is to give kids an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Hip Hop and create art in a safe place. Applying his passion for music and helping others, Jb developed the curriculum to  educate youth of the  nuances of the culture including the music business.
Mentoring, guidance, and exposure through Hip Hop 1001 will inspire young minds to reach further and strive to  become successful individuals in the community. Just like in the Bronx, New York  in the 70s, Hip Hop helps so many youth deal with death, despair and poverty all around. Hip Hop 1001 through its creator and visionary intends to rejuvenate urban communities and neighborhoods throughout America. He is determined to show the youth that no matter their surroundings, they can rise above and be positive examples in the community. The music will be heard and the time is now.