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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the youth about Hip Hop culture and mentor them through teaching and programming based on the 5 Elemental Arts of Hip Hop.


   Hip Hop 1001 is a brand new educational program established to introduce the 5 fundamental elements of Hip Hop to elementary students & young adults. Through detailed and exciting curricula students undergo immersive learning of elements of their choice.  
   Our program is grant based which often limits the capacity of student enrollment. Contributions of any scale will greatly help expand our enrollment and introduce our programs where needed the most!


Saturdays from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm*

Hours are subject to change due to holidays or inclement weather.


52 George E. Pipken's Way | Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604







The DJ existed before hip-hop. It’s an acronym for the word disc jockey. In Hip Hop the DJ took it to the next level by making "record spinning" into an art form called turntabalism.

Hip Hop’s visual element. The modern form of graffiti or “graff” actually began before hip-hop music. It quickly found place in the culture as many graffiti artists grew up in the same area as other hip-hop artists. Many are emcees, deejays, and/or breakers as well.

The dance element of hip-hop, performed by dancers called B-Girls or B-Boys. Birthed in the '70's in NYC, the art-form  blended movement styles such as jazz and martial arts with dance styles from the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.

Beatboxing: also known as the “Fifth Element,;” the ability to make a beat with one’s mouth in orchestra with the rap of the emcee. Beatboxing became a staple sound of hip-hop. It is the foreward modern beatmakers and set the standard for tempo and instrumental sounds coined by the art-form.

Emcees began as hosts at hip-hop parties who would prompt the breakers to dance. Influenced by original spoken-word artists, emcees began to do rhythmic call-and-response with the audience, a technique that eventually morphed into the poetic form of rapping we know today.

Jon "Dj JB1" Lett

Our Director and Founder

Hip Hop 1001 was created by Jonathan Lett out of his passion for Music and Hip Hop culture. Jonathan, also known as  "DJ JB1", for 25 years was seeking to bring the art of DJing to local youth attending Middle and High School within the Greater Bridgeport community.  

Hip Hop 1001 will provide youth between the ages of 11-18 an opportunity to learn the history of Hip Hop, along with the Five Elemental Arts of Hip Hop: Rapping, DJing, Breaking, Beat Making, and Graffiti Arts/ Video editing.

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Director John Lett is shown teaching a class.