Sensational style and an inept ability to move the crowd. Arguably the most profound element of all, emceeing is poetry in motion. Being able to captivate an audience through words is a talent that, when cultivated, can expand to immeasurable feats.
We are prepared to teach song structuring and lyrical delivery through written and verbal expression. You will learn how to produce and refine uniquely styled narratives essential to music writing. An added bonus is gaining the ability to tell stories in unique and creative ways through native vernacular and  literary composition.


When you’re learning to DJ, you’re learning to match your own musical expressions with the desires of an audience. It isn’t just matching beats, or scratching over songs. It’s about being observant, empathic, and reactive.

Our  curriculum will guide those interested in entering the field of music mixing and place them on the journey from average to exceptional. This takes work, patience, and time. It’s not difficult to start, but will challenge the most determined student to remain consistent .  


Learn the  know how to create good music. Most think music production starts by simply grabbing a music device and pushing buttons until it sounds good! There are intricacies and deliberate acts that separate the leaders of industry.

Our program is based on over 20  years of industry experience, including but not limited to sound engineering, sequencing, software and hardware adaptation, music theory and more. To say the least we will provide the tools to shape you into a great producer. And remember,  a great music producer should never stop learning.  


Breaking is the most physically demanding form of dance in the world! Not to mention one of the most challenging to become skilled in, but that’s what we love about it. The moves that were hard eventually become easy providing a sense of accomplishment.  Then the next challenge enters.

The dance-style has woven threads of inspiration ranging from gymnastics to  martial arts. We prepare young dancers by introducing the history and formats of Break-Dancing.  Instructional routines and choreography are combined with modern genres notating break-dance’s value to contemporary dance.


The visually prominent element grabs attention through eclectic, unconventional, and nonconforming means of expression. Some say it is a form of communication in and of itself.  Initially serving as a means for the marginalized to be acknowledged.  Graffiti is a true form of art that is now recognized as having a profound positive effect on many different lifestyles. So much so its influence can be found in a wide variety of settings.

We are providing the basic concepts, expressions, and common rules behind Graffiti. You will gain experience through hands-on projects in various mediums that will even translate to other art forms.